The installation of seamless eavestrough, downpipes, eavestrough protection systems and rain barrels are some of the services we provide. We form the trough on site to fit the application that is required with the use premium sealants, screw in hangers and non-corrosive fasteners when required to have a durable and long lasting installed product. When selecting a service, there are a wide selection of colours to choose from and can match, accent or blend colours so that they accentuate the home or building. In addition to this repairs and replacement of existing gutter systems and their components; leaking elbows or mitres, split or damaged downspouts, loose or overflowing eavestrough are problems that can occur and we have expertise in and give advice to what repair action is best suited for the issue. 

The main purpose of Eavestrough or Gutters is to reduce the amount of groundwater that collects against the foundation of a home and deter any water damage.
    The primary metal that is used for Eavestrough is Aluminum for its resistance to corrosion; Copper can be another choice for a more dramatic effect but the cost is much higher than Aluminum.
    The sizing of gutters can be 5" or 6" inch depending on the installation requirements
    Many colours are available to match or complement existing colours on the home
The Downspout or Downpipe is used to carry water down from the eavestrough and away from the building edge. The downspout directs water away from the foundation to help prevent water finding its way back into the home.
    Downspouts can be damaged from ice buildup, debris or crushed from walking or being hit. The ice can cause the downspout to split open or bulge and allow for water to flow out of the pipe other areas.
    There are many colours available for downspouts and the sizes can be matched to exisiting installations or changed to accomodate more water flow
    Relocation of downspouts can also be performed if a new deck or walkway is being built and the current placement of the pipe needs to be addressed
Eavestrough Protection can be compared to a strainer; like a hood or cover for the eavestrough. There are many protection systems available and the main purpose is to filter water from the roof and kept the leaves and debris out of the trough and downpipes.
    Covers can be installed during a new installation
    Covers can be installed to an existing system depending on the condition, if the condition allows for the installation of these covers the existing eavestroughing is cleaned out, checked for slope, and resealed at mitres and endcaps


  • Eavestrough Installation
  • Downpipe Installation
  • Eavestrough Replacement
  • Downpipe Replacement
  • Eavestrough Protection Systems
  • Eavestrough / Downpipe Repair
  • Eavestrough Cleaning
  • Unplugging Downpipes
  • Repairing Leaks
  • Sealing Leaking Corners
  • Realignments of Eavestrough
  • Rain Barrels for water harvesting