Services are available on a wide variety of exterior renovations. These updates can be to different areas can refresh and revive the outside of a home or building. Many areas such as decks, porches, stairs revive outdoor spaces creating comfortable, flowing and inviting areas. In addition to this exterior trim or mill work can highlight areas around windows, doors, roof edges or soffit. Exterior trim can make areas between wall and roofs stand out, highlight and revive existing posts, door or window openings with decorative finishes. Installation of windows and Doors provide aesthetic updates as well as increase energy efficiency. Furthermore roof areas may need repair, decking on decks or stairs may need updates or replacement. Existing trim work on heritage homes may need attention and require a renovations that matches the existing or an upgrade to a more maintenance free material but still preserve the look of the building.


  • Deck Repair / Installation
  • Porch Repair / Installation
  • Deck Stair Repair / Replacement
  • Porch Stair Repair / Replacement
  • Fence Repair / Replacement
  • Exterior Mill work / Trim
  • Door Installation / Replacement
  • Window Installation / Replacement
  • Roof Repair