Rain barrels are used to harvest water that flows off of a roof. With the installation or repair of a eavestrough or downspout the rain water that these components collect and direct away from the building can be diverted into a rain barrel. With the water that is collected in the barrel and stored can be put to use for future needs of watering gardens with vegetables or flowers, trees or shrubs or other vegetation. These Barrels can help reduce the use of municipal water. With the installation of a barrel there are many options for barrel style and diverter kits available. During the installation of a rain barrel it is recommended to have a stand to raise the unit off of the ground. These barrel stands can be custom made out of wood to give an eye pleasing look the installation. In addition to this during the winter season it is advised to disconnect and store the rain barrel as if any water that is in or could fill the barrel can freeze and destroy the barrel and its components.


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