Soffit, Fascia and Siding are the finish components of the exterior of a home. These components protect and showcase the home. We provide many services to assist in a new installation, repair an existing component or a complete overhaul. New installation services can range from a new building or addition being built requiring an exterior finish to be applied. Also repair services that include servicing areas that have had damage done from water, heat or wind. In addition to theses the option for a complete overhaul to the exterior eaves which can be either replacing all existing soffit & fascias or siding of the home or building. Additionally with everything listed above there are many profiles and colours that can be chosen or can be matched to an existing installation or selected for a new update. The materials used in putting these pieces on the home can be made from wood, or manufactured from aluminum, PVC or vinyl.

The purpose of the soffit is to finish the underside construction where the roof edge and building intersect. It is a fitted piece of material that is installed between the edge of the home and fascia edge. Depending on the installation it acts as an intake for air to the attic that helps control and remove moisture that can accumulate.
    Existing wood soffits can become loose over time, damaged due to water or pests chewing at the material - these can be repaired, patched or replaced with new material to preserve the look of the existing.
    Wood soffits which have small ventilation holes can cause poor air exchange in the attic and should in most circumstances be enlarged. These venting openings can be increased, and fitted with a custom screen or fitted with a vented aluminum soffit to achieve this.
Fascia is where the soffit and / or eavestrough can be fastened to.
    Finished wood fascias can deteriorate over time from water run off from the roof edge and lead to rot. In addition to this can be come an area that pests may chew and find a way into the home. The fascia section can be repaired or replaced depending on the condition.
    Framed wood fascias that are covered with a bent metal covering, usually aluminum, can become loose and damaged during weather events. These can be refastened if still in good shape otherwise replaced with a similar colour and profile to match the existing
Siding is a finish that protects the building and framework from weather and prolongs the life of the building.
    Sidings wether they are wood, vinyl, aluminum or other materials can become damaged and may need to be replaced
    The damage can occur from water deteriorating or pests damaging the wood siding.
    Vinyl can be damaged from barbeque heat, objects hitting and cracking the material.


  • Soffit / Fascia Installation
  • Siding Installation
  • Soffit / Fascia Replacement
  • Siding Replacement
  • Soffit Repair
  • Fascia Repair
  • Loose Siding Repair
  • Damaged Siding Repair
  • Damaged Soffit Repair
  • Damaged Fascia Repair
  • Wood Soffit / Fascia Installation
  • Aluminum Soffit / Fascia Installation
  • Rotten Fascia Repair
  • Roof Eave Repair